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The 5 Best Lightweight Luggage Sets

Everyone should own a quality luggage set, whether you’re a frequent flyer, a periodic vacationer, or a mobile entrepreneur. These complementing ensembles come in a wide range of shapes, styles, and cost levels that are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly useful. 

The best lightweight luggage sets are designed to meet the demands of most travelers. A luggage set can have anywhere from two to eight pieces, including check-in bags, carry-on bags, garment bags, laptop bags, and accessory bags. 

Luggage sets are also offered in various sizes, which means you can choose one for every purpose, and they’re also easy to share on a family vacation.

Top Lightweight Luggage Sets

Here are the best lightweight suitcases on the market that you should consider: 

COOLIFE Luggage 3-Piece Set Suitcase

Easily and stylishly transport your travel items using the Coolife Luggage Set. ABS material, a privacy screen, and zippered storage pockets are all included in this exceptionally lightweight and sturdy spinner. 

To protect you from worrying, Secure Lock has partnered with TSA to create a TSA-approved lock. Molded corner guard reinforcements absorb and deflect shock for optimal resistance to impact. 

The luggage is made with 100% ABS plastic that is durable and lightweight, creating a hard shell that offers great resistance to wear and tear. The pieces in this luggage set are available in 20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch sizes that may be stored inside each other. 

The luggage features double spinner wheels made of 100% ABS material that are easy to move and virtually indestructible. The wheels are smooth, silent, and multi-directional. 

Each piece of luggage has an aluminum telescoping handle that is both sturdy and ergonomic. They have a squared full-capacity design with interior mesh zippered pockets, which are also elastic. 


SHOWKOO Luggage Sets

These high-quality luggage sets are composed of extra-thick PC+ABS lightweight materials, making them more durable and resistant to impact. The cases include a textured feel to resist scratches and keep them looking nice after a vacation. 

The cases also come with multi-directional 360-degree spinner wheels that are both silent and smooth. With double wheels, lubricating balls within the wheels, and revolutionary soft TPU, the luggage travels quietly and smoothly. 

This luggage passed the drop test with flying colors. The aluminum 3-step telescoping push-button handle is adjustable and durable. The ergonomic handles allow you to move through small spaces with ease. 

Two reinforcement brackets are located on the carry handles to prevent the hard shell from cracking. The side and top handles also include soft rubber padding to make sure your fingers are protected when carrying heavy items. Whenever you’re traveling, a side-mounted TSA lock enables TSA agents to view your bags without causing any damage to the lock.

There is an interior divider with full-zip closure and cross straps for better packing arrangement. A little bag is located between the hard shells that can hold toothbrushes, wallets, makeup, and other small items.


Merax 3-Piece Luggage Set

A TSA lock has been added to this luggage set to create an extra layer of security. The ultra-lightweight ABS material ensures long-lasting use and durability.

The suitcase’s expandable design provides plenty of space for any unanticipated items you may encounter on your journey. The luggage’s four multi-directional spinner wheels provide outstanding agility and maneuverability. The top and side handles also make it easier to carry your luggage.

This suitcase has a large storage area and a fully lined interior with a zipped section to keep your belongings organized. Use the 3-digit combination lock to keep your items safe for the duration of your trip. 

This 3-piece luggage set is designed to meet all of your travel needs. Suitcases are offered in 20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch sizes.


Kenneth Cole Reaction Diamond Tower Luggage Collection

This luggage set is made from tear-resistant material with a fully lined interior. It also features a diamond-textured high-strength ABS exterior. The interior of the primary compartment includes a large divider panel with buckles and a mesh zipper pocket, as well as a side dangling zipper pocket for smaller items. 

For ultimate impact resistance, there are corner guard reinforcements that absorb and deflect shock. The multi-directional 8-wheel spinners enable 360-degree smooth movement of the luggage over rough surfaces, providing you with complete mobility and weight-free rolling.

The lightweight design allows you to stay inside airline weight constraints and avoid paying unnecessary airport fees. The luggage expands by two inches for more storage and packing capacity. The zipper pullers and coil zippers allow you to attach your own TSA lock to your bag for long-term use. 

A wide U-shaped zipper pocket, a mesh pocket with zippers, and elastic internal pockets are located beneath the lid, enabling dual-sided packing. The side, top, and bottom grasp handles are also flexible, making the luggage easier to lift. 

The 28-inch suitcase has molded side feet that enable it to be sat upright on its side. The sturdy telescopic trolley handle has a lock, is retractable, and extends to 41 inches tall, making it easy to use with one hand.


FOCHIER 3-Piece Hardshell Luggage Set

This luggage set is designed to cushion impact with a polycarbonate composite shell that flexes and bends under stress before returning to its original shape. The outside surface has a beautiful diamond-embossed texture that prevents scuffs and scratches. 

This set is a must-have for checked luggage on both international and domestic flights, featuring built-in TSA combination locks on every size. Whenever airport officials need to inspect it, they can quickly unlock it using a master key. 

The lightweight telescopic trolley handle system can be adjusted to fit your height needs using multi-stage lock heights. The two spinner wheels make it possible for the luggage to move in any direction, which is ideal for moving around fast and effortlessly. 

The set comes in three sizes, since carry-on size and weight limits differ by airline. These different sizes are available to accommodate your travel needs at various times or for scheduled family outings. When you’re not using the luggage set, the smaller cases can be stacked inside the bigger one for storage.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Luggage Set

Finding the best lightweight luggage set for your travel needs can be difficult, especially with unlimited shapes, styles, and colors to choose from. Here is a list of what to look for when selecting the ideal luggage case.

1. Hard Shell

At the airport, your luggage will be constantly thrown around. From being hurled onto luggage belts, to being flung in and out of cargo compartments, your luggage will be put through the ringer. The tough plastic exterior on hard-sided suitcases reduces the chance of damaging valuable items you may be carrying inside your luggage case. 

2. Expandability

One of the main reasons why individuals avoid hard cases is because of their lack of flexibility when additional luggage is added. However, innovations in case design have remedied this problem by adding an extra fabric panel that can be unzipped when more room is needed. Always check to see if your hard case can be expanded for additional storage space.

3. Compartments

Whenever it comes to packing for your next vacation, features like elasticized security straps, an external compartment, separate garment sections, and small external pockets for devices and accessories will come in handy. Always check the luggage’s zippers and closures to ensure they are working properly before buying a luggage set.

4. Wheelability

The majority of modern luggage has wheels. Four-wheeled luggage is popular among travelers since it can rotate 360 degrees and can be maneuvered easily. 

You can effortlessly move the four-wheeled luggage in front of you, beside you, or behind you. Two-wheelers are preferable for moving on uneven surfaces like cobblestone streets,  sidewalks, and more.

5. Pull Tabs and Zippers

Zippers aren’t made equal. When buying a luggage set, go for larger-toothed zippers. The sturdy stature of these zippers helps suitcases resist the wear and tear of traveling while also reducing the possibility of them unzipping during the trip. 

Furthermore, look for cases that have large pull tabs for easier zipping. You want to choose something that speeds up the last-minute packing process for days when you might be in a rush.

6. Price

Consider that in the realm of luggage, the relationship between quality and price is real. When it comes to luggage sets, you get what you pay for, so don’t just opt for the cheapest option. Check prices and buy the best possible option within your budget if you want a long-lasting suitcase. 


A new piece of luggage can be a costly investment. You want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth, which includes considering a variety of aspects other than the luggage’s zippers and wheels. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best lightweight luggage sets, which include everything from designs that protect your valuables from adverse conditions, to versatile and durable options that the whole family can use. A good luggage set can last for years and be extremely useful for traveling.

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