The 5 Best Walking Shoes for Shin Splints in 2021

The 5 Best Walking Shoes for Shin Splints in 2021

If you have ever experienced shin splints, you know how hard it can be to stick to your exercise regimen once they start flaring up.

When your legs are killing you, the last thing we want to do is exercise. But if we try to wait them out, they’ll flare right back up once you start training again.

What to do?

Some of the best ways to treat shin splints are using ice, compression, and investing in better shoes.

So today we’re going to focus on the best walking shoes for shin splints.

Let’s get started.

1. Brooks Women’s Anthem

The first shoes we are going to dive into are the Brooks Anthems. The synthetic mesh upper’s skin-tight grip makes these shoes ideal for people suffering from sore legs or shin splints. The shoe fits tightly on your feet and conforms to your steps.

For added support and durability, the Anthems have a comfort collar. The collar wraps around your heel and ankle. So when you take a step, your foot is not tilting to one side or placing uneven stress on your shin. The sock liner contours to your feet and fills any gaps to stop you from slipping and sliding around in your shoes.

Finally, the BioMoGo DNA midsole technology uses cushioning to assist your steps. The synthetic rubberized sole provides extra abrasion resistance. If you want to walk long distances, you can put in many miles in these shoes. Customers that have complained about shin splints with other shoes say, “Brooks made a night-and-day difference.”

Brooks Anthems are retailing at around $130, which is a great deal for the high quality that goes into them.

  • Brand: Brooks
  • Style: Neutral, Road Running
  • Material: Mesh. Synthetic Sole.
  • Weight: 7oz.
  • Additional Features: BioMoGo DNA Midsole Cushioning. Abrasion-Resistant Sole.


2. Orthofeet Orthopedic Walking Shoes, Coral

If you are looking for a shoe to assist with feet, leg, and lower back, then Orthofeet Corals are a perfect fit. Orthofeet shoes are designed to help people suffering from shin splints. Additional treatments include arthritis, back pain, bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and more.

These shoes are incredibly stretchy and are meant to help relieve pressure. And it offers comfort for people with orthopedic problems. The flexible upper offers your feet a custom fit and eliminates pressure points. There are no overlays in the upper, so nothing will irritate your foot or rub up against it.

The sole offers three layers of protection. These layers include arch support, good cushioning, and gel-protected shock absorption. Some customers claim these shoes feel like walking on a cloud.

At a price of around $130, you cannot find a much better option for walking shoes for shin splints. Also, they come in three colors: grey, black, and turquoise.

  • Brand: Orthofeet
  • Style: Orthopedic
  • Material: Polyester-lined Stretch Fabric, EVA Foam, Rubber Sole.
  • Weight: 3lbs.
  • Additional Features: Ortho-Cushion System


3. APRILSPRING Women’s Walking Shoes

These stylish walking shoes come in ten different colors. You can turn heads and make sure you are matching your favorite athletic wear. APRIL SPRING Running Shoes feature a honeycomb-patterned midsole. This gives your feet outstanding balance and acts as a natural spring.

The underside of the sole has a carved design that increases slip resistance and offers maximum traction. The upper mesh allows a comfortable breeze for your feet, keeping them cool and dry.

Customers are absolutely in love with the bright colors that stand out. At a price of only about $40, some have even bought a couple of pairs to go with many outfits. APRILSPRINGs are the perfect choice for anybody looking for a fashionable running shoe.

  • Style: Lightweight, Fashionable
  • Material: Mesh Fabric, Rubberized Sole
  • Weight: 11 oz.
  • Additional Features: Honeycomb Insole


4. Slow Man Women’s Walking Shoes with Mesh and Air Cushion

The Slow Man’s walking shoes come in 27 different styles and colors. These light and flexible shoes are breathable. And the mesh fabric conforms to your feet and toes. These shoes offer raised ankle support and a perforated arch for more stability.

They have a thick air cushion design and an almost 2″ heel for outstanding shock absorption and comfort. Though the soles are thick, they are also flexible and contour to the movements of your feet. It is genuinely surprising how light these shoes are, given their size.

These shoes are perfect for walking on tracks, streets, level ground, and indoor activities such as yoga, dancing, and working out at the gym.

Customers rave about how comfortable they are and the breathability of the mesh. The Slow Man’s walking shoes will keep your feet dry, protected, comfortable, and stable — perfect for treating shin splints.

The price is under $30. With so many different colors to choose from, these shoes are at a reasonable value.

  • Brand: Slow Man
  • Style: Slip-on Loafers
  • Material: Mesh Fabric, Non-Slip Rubberized Sole
  • Weight: 14 oz.
  • Additional Features: Air Cushion Sole


5. AKK Walking Shoes for Women with Slip-on Memory Foam

The AKK Slip-On Walking Shoes are light, stylish, and practical. They come in ten different styles and have a raised tongue and heel to protect your ankle and Achilles tendon. The breathable synthetic mesh upper is also super soft on your feet.

These shoes are perfect for working in environments like hospitals or factories, anywhere you’re on your feet all day. The insole is made of a memory foam material to increase comfort and shock absorption. The insole also helps relieve pressure points on your arches.

The outer sole has a grooved pattern that offers abrasion resistance and assists in anti-slip traction and tether. The shoe’s back also has a PU leather coating over the heel to increase strength and offer you more support when walking or jogging.

These shoes are perfect for level terrain, both indoors and outdoors. The customers love the soft, bouncy soles. The shoe’s color comes in black, light blue, grey, khaki, light pink, or white. You can find a pair that fits you perfectly and looks great on you.

Best of all, these shoes are very affordable, with a price of only about $35. You’re getting a lot of shoe for that price.

  • Brand: AKK
  • Style: Slip-On Loafer
  • Material: Synthetic Mesh, Phylon Sole
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Additional Features: PU Leather Heel Protector, Memory Foam Insole


Buyer’s Guide to the Best Walking Shoes for Shin Splints

All five of these lightweight athletic shoes are comfortable and offer excellent foot support. Any of them are excellent choices for people in search of the best walking shoes for shin splints.

Depending on your budget, activity level, and style preference, some shoes may be better than others.

We will briefly recap some of the major points we hit on in our buyer’s guide:


  • Most Expensive: Both costing around $130, the Brooks Anthems and Orthofeet Corals are the highest-priced shoes on our list.
  • Cheapest: At about $30, the Slow Man Walking Shoes are the biggest bargain here for buyers on a budget.


  • Heaviest: Tipping out the scales at nearly 3lbs, the Orthofeet Corals are much heavier than the other shoes on our list. This is because of the orthic lining and extra supporting features.
  • Lightest: At only 7oz, you will not even notice the Brooks Anthems’ weight on your feet.


  • Extreme Support for Foot and Shin Health: Medical experts design the Orthofeet Corals with foot health in mind. They are the best choice on this list if you have extreme foot or lower body pain.
  • Best Activewear: The Brooks Anthems are lightweight and versatile and offer excellent foot protection while still being an ideal shoe for high-intensity exercise.
  • Most Stylish: Colorful, stylish, and with an eye-catching honeycomb sole design, the APRILSPRING Running Shoes will get you plenty of compliments from fellow joggers.


We hope this buyer’s guide of the best walking shoes for shin splints helped make your purchasing decision a little easier.

Remember, make sure you buy shoes that’ll best fit your lifestyle. For example, while slip-on loafers are great for track walking, they’re not ideal for high-intensity running or walking on rocky terrain.

Use the guide above to quickly get an overview of what shoes work best for your specific scenario. We wish you a speedy recovery and a brisk walking experience. Good luck!

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