Vegas Packing List for Females

Vegas Packing List for Females: Everything You Need to Have a Good Time

You can’t claim to be an accomplished female traveler if you haven’t visited Vegas at least once. Vegas is the number one destination for everyone looking to let loose and have a good time. From bachelorette parties to girls’ trips, Sin City is always buzzing with exciting activities.

But if you’ve ever gone on a trip before, you know that being prepared plays a critical role in whether you’ll enjoy yourself. Your trip satisfaction quickly plummets after you get sunburned or walk half a mile in heels and get blisters.

This list contains everything you need to enjoy a long weekend in the city of sin.

Vegas Packing List for Females


Las Vegas Nevada is in the far desert, so temperatures can get very high. And even though many of the places you’ll visit are air-conditioned, it’s still important to pack for the hot weather. Here are some of the clothes you’ll need:


Pack 2-3 sundresses. They are easy to throw on in the morning, breathable, and usually very beautiful. They are perfect for sightseeing because the nighttime isn’t your only time of activity.


You can switch sundresses with rompers if you prefer. These are great for casual outings and very easy to wear. If you have an elegant romper, you can even wear it to a nightclub.

Lovely Dress

If you’re on a girls’ trip, you’ll probably be visiting a nightclub or two. You’ll need to look the part with a beautiful dress that turns heads as you walk by. The number of dresses you pack depends on how long you will stay in Vegas and how many spots you plan to visit.

Skirt and Sarong

You can easily throw these over your swimsuit to explore the strip or visit a couple of restaurants. A sarong is also a lovely way to switch up your attire and look stunning to other guests without much effort.


You may not need a bodysuit, but they are an amazing addition to your travel wardrobe. A bodysuit is great for nightclubs, especially when paired with some jeans and heels. Plus, you can easily get out of a bodysuit without much effort and undress much more quickly.


Most people never travel without packing a pair of jeans. You can wear them pretty much anywhere – clubs, sightseeing, or restaurants. You can get in and out of them in a hurry, and if you pair them with wedges, you will reach the ultimate chic look.

Sweater, Jacket, and Other Warm Clothes

These are great if you are visiting the city over the winter. You can match jackets with most outfits and still look stunning. You probably don’t need more than a light jacket because Vegas tends to stay warm all year round.

Jean Shorts

Jean shorts are another great idea because, as we’ve mentioned, Vegas tends to get very hot. You can wear jean shorts almost anywhere, except at some high-class restaurants.

Bathing Suit

Do we really need to mention this? It’s pretty much tradition to pack some bathing suits when you’re going on vacation; that’s especially true if you’re visiting a place like Las Vegas. Consider bringing a kimono to cover up. Skirts and sarongs work just fine too.


Shoes are the ultimate accomplice for your clothes, so you have to make sure to include a matching pair on your packing list.


You cannot go to a nightclub without heels. It’s a great idea to pack a neutral-colored pair so you can combine it with different outfits. Make sure the heels are comfortable because you may walk around quite a bit, especially in thecasinos.

Foldable Flats

If you are planning to wear high heels, you must add a pair of foldable flats to your packing list. Slip them in your purse and pull them out on the walk back to your hotel after a long and memorable night. If you’ve never been to Vegas, here’s what you can expect: your feet will be throbbing, you will be exhausted, and you’ll be super grateful to those comfortable flats.

Heeled Booties

Heeled booties are great for the winter months. Wear them with your light breathable jacket for a classy and sophisticated look. You should probably leave them behind if you’re traveling in the summer.


Sandals are super comfortable and you can wear them everywhere, except nightclubs and classy restaurants. You’d be surprised at how many people wear sandals to day clubs or regular restaurants. Simply throw on a romper, strap on a pair of sandals, and you’re ready to go!


You need a pair of flip-flops if you will be hanging out by the pool. It’s not an absolute necessity because some hotels provide complimentary pairs, but if you’re staying at a modest hotel, bringing your flip-flops is probably a great idea.


Accessories are fun and exciting and can totally transform your entire look, so you definitely have to bring them along.


You will need a sun hat to protect you against the Las Vegas weather. Besides protecting your face from the sun and hiding your hungover features, hats go well with a casual outfit and can make you really dolled up for a time at the day clubs.


Sunglasses do almost the same thing as sun hats – protecting your eyes from the sun and making the hangovers much easier to bear. If you plan to go drinking, pack a pair in your purse!


Your hotel will probably offer some complimentary soaps. But do you want to break your skincare routine?

Shampoo, Conditioner, and Deodorant

These are the basics and they probably already have a dedicated spot in your travel bag. Most people can get away with maintaining their current skincare routine, even in the Las Vegas heat. If you have very sensitive skin, consider packing extra moisturizers.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Razors

These are some more essentials that you don’t want to forget. If you do leave them behind, they are easily replaceable.

Hangover Remedy

Ibuprofen is the go-to hangover remedy for most people, so it’s a safe bet. You can also pack whatever works for you and make yourself a completeHangover kit.

Protection and Birth Control

These are important because you never know how an exciting night at the club might end up. And you need whatever happens in Vegas to stay in Vegas.

Other Essentials

Here are some other essential items you may need on your trip

Powerbank, Cord, and Charger

You probably will spend a lot of time outside your hotel room, so the last thing you want is to run out of battery while making a Snapchat of an amazing moment with your friends. Pack a power bank/portable charger to stay connected the whole time. As soon as you get back to your hotel at night, plug it in so you have enough for the next day.


Vegas is littered with ATMs, especially in the casinos. But it’s a great idea to have some cash handy, especially when you first arrive. You also want to have petty cash throughout your stay for cabs, gambling, or shopping.

Earplugs and Sleeping Mask

Vegas really comes to life at night, which is bad news for anyone planning to get any sleep – unless you have a pair of earplugs and a sleeping mask with you. These will be even more valuable when you’re trying to sleep off the hangover.


You’ll need a government-issued ID to get into many clubs and order drinks. Vegas spots are very strict with this rule, which is unsurprising in a place called Sin City.

Nice to Haves

You can have a lot of fun in Las Vegas and not miss these items, but they can make you a little more comfortable, so you can have as much fun as possible. Consider including these in your packing list.

Portable Cooling Fan

A portable cooling fan could come in handy in the desert heat of Vegas. There are many different kinds, ranging from those that plug into your phone or power bank to those that are battery-powered. Don’t worry about being the only one with a portable fan because you won’t be. Plus, a ton of people in Vegas are visitors.

Hand Sanitizer

This wasn’t a priority until the pandemic changed the way we interact with strangers. If you’re going on a trip, a portable bottle of hand sanitizer can’t hurt. If you get a scented variety, you can even let your hands smell like a meadow.

White Noise Machine

If you find it easier to sleep with white noise, then you should bring a portable white noise machine with you. Vegas is loud all the time and some consistent and soothing noise may be just what you need to get some rest.

The Last Things You Need

The final items on this Las Vegas packing list are a thirst for adventure and a willingness to try new things. The city is full of new experiences and you’ll only walk away with amazing stories if you explore it. If you’re on a trip with your friends, consider making a pact to try at least one new activity while you’re in Sin City.

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