11 Helpful Tips For Solo Female Travelers

11 Helpful Tips For Solo Female Travelers

Solo traveling has evolved into a trend, and women are loving it! Over the last decade, the community of female solo travelers has significantly grown. If you love traveling, solo journeys might have crossed your mind.

Like most women, it’s natural to shrug off the idea, considering the multiplicity of challenges involved. All you need to do is get started and we’re here to help you.

In this post, you’ll come across some of the most valuable travel tips for solo female travelers. If a fear of being alone is holding you back, you can now confidently start your journey as a solo traveler with our helpful guide!

Why is Female Solo Travel Gaining Momentum?

Solo travel among females is on the rise. A statistic reveals that as many as 65% of women travelers in the US are enjoying vacations even without their partners. Of course, women value their independence, which encourages most women to travel solo.

11 Helpful Tips For Solo Female Travelers

Another reason why female travelers prefer going alone is the lack of companions. Many of them don’t like waiting for others or find it too restrictive. There’s another section of female travelers who travel solo to gain confidence.

Regardless of your reason to travel solo, you’ll find these safety tips valuable.

Key Tips For Solo Female Travelers

Here are 10 valuable tips that you should keep in mind to protect yourself while you enjoy the sights:

1. Travel During The Day, If Possible

Statistics show that more incidents take place at night when compared to the other hours of the day. Choose the morning hours to travel when you go on long journeys. In case the journeys are excessively long, make sure you choose trusted transportation.

For residence, be on the lookout for a nice hotel or private cabin that can be locked. As a part of your travel safety measures, try to arrive at your destination before evening.

2. Use Social Media to Update Your Condition

It makes sense to let people know where you are and what your next move will be. This would assure your family members and friends that you’re safe. Besides, you can leave a trail of your experiences among your friends on Facebook or your personal blog.

Many full-time travel bloggers follow this strategy. This gives them an opportunity to meet other travelers and garner friends. This way, you remain connected to your community all the while ensuring your safety.

3. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

When traveling solo, you need to be aware of your surroundings. You would actually be putting your shield down if you don’t pay attention to people who are moving around you. Make sure to be mindful of the people around you, both far and near.

This can save you from potential predators and give you enough time to draw your line of defense. For instance, if you notice a person following you for twenty minutes or so, get into a store or a bus and check whether they continue. This can prevent a potential robbery, harassment, or other dangers.

4. Make Use of Your Smartphone Features

Your smartphone can be utilized in more ways than you think, excluding Facebook and Instagram. Google Maps could come in handy, particularly when you’re not too good with directions. Being lost and wandering around are two different scenarios.

If you look lost, your body language can easily make you a target. Use the offline version of maps in case you don’t have an internet connection on your phone or if the area lacks Wi-Fi.

If you’re in an area where you don’t understand the local language, use Google Translate to decipher what people around you are saying. This might help you communicate or make out their plans and prevent things from going wrong.

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5. Connect With Other Women

This will come in handy particularly when you explore foreign countries. You can skip random men and approach women instead, in case you’re in need.

Here are some other guidelines that might save your day:

  • Stay in female-only hotels and dorms
  • Reach out to another woman in case you need directions
  • Choose an all-female train when traveling
  • Sit next to a woman when on a public transportation

Additionally, you can enroll yourself in a female traveler group on Facebook. This gives you enough scope to reach out to fellow local women travelers in case you need any help.

6. Be Cautious at Night

This ties back to the first safety tip we covered. There are likely to be fewer crowds during the nighttime hours.

Try not to cover distances on foot at night. Instead, go for taxis or other verified modes of public transportation. Don’t carry anything valuable if you’re leaving your hotel at night. Carry only the necessary amount of cash with you.

If possible, join a group so that you can hang out during the late hours. Under any circumstance, try not to be alone outside at night.

7. Know Your Shortcomings

There’s nothing wrong with trying out street food when you’re in a new city. However, be prepared to combat any given situation, considering your limitations. For instance, carry adequate medicines to deal with food poisoning and other illnesses when you travel solo.

  • You may want to venture outside of your comfort zone, which can be a fun part of your solo trip if done with a clear understanding of where your capabilities lie. Try not to drink an abundance of alcoholic drinks, as it might entice you to neglect your safety.
  • If you don’t know how to swim, stay away from water features. Don’t get enticed by deep swimming pools and water bodies. Being cautious is better than being injured.
  • Make sure to include health coverage in your travel insurance plan. It will help you in case you need serious treatment.
  • Don’t exhaust yourself walking amidst the excitement when you’re exploring a new place. Remember, you need to reserve your strength for the rest of the journey. Most importantly, you need to be physically agile to defend yourself if needed.
  • Get good sleep and don’t let exhaustion take a toll on your alertness.

8. Talk to Locals

Cultural exchange comes as a part of travel and that’s one of the most riveting parts about it! When you visit a new country or city, try to talk to the locals. Besides safety, this approach makes the journey even more fulfilling.

Whether you’re exploring a foreign land or simply traveling a little further from your home, mingling with the locals is a great way to make you feel more confident, particularly in places where locals are supportive of tourists.

Additionally, you won’t always be able to find a female travel guide wherever you set foot. In these circumstances, it’s a good idea to get familiar with local women and ask for help if necessary.

9. Learn The Local Language

This tip on our tips for solo female travelers list is especially important if you travel to foreign countries.

Understanding the local language works in your favor. Even if you can just master the basics, this is better than not knowing any of the language. You’ll find that knowing the local language is helpful when you’re out and about, looking for attractions, or looking for a place to eat or stay for the night.

Occasionally, knowing the local language can protect you from getting embezzled out of your money. Also, in many places, locals respect travelers knowing that they’ve taken the time to learn their native language. This can be an additional benefit while you travel.

10. Take Self-Defense Classes

Before you commence with your solo female travel trips, make sure to learn the ABCs of self-defense. While you’re out, you need to be prepared for any foul play. This training would boost your confidence and help you feel more secure in your surroundings.

You can also purchase the necessary gadgets and equipment to help you defend yourself. Investing in a defense pen, pepper spray, and other legal weapons for your self defense. In case you have nothing at your disposal, learn how to fashion makeshift weapons using keys, selfie sticks, or tripods.

11. Material Doesn’t Matter

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t carry extra money on your person while you’re traveling solo. It pays to know the location of the nearest currency exchange offices and exchange rate so that you can cash out whenever necessary rather than carrying valuables.

That said, if you happen to be held at gunpoint, knifepoint, or are put into any other highly dangerous situation, don’t play the hero – simply give away your wallet or any other valuables you may have on you.

After all, your travel insurance can compensate you for a material loss, but not for your life.

Final Thoughts

One of the most non-debatable tips for solo female travelers would be to get your travel insurance from a reliable company, ensuring that you can get your losses compensated if things take a turn for the worse.

Female travelers cherish the freedom and pleasure of exploring the world. If you have the correct know-how and you follow the right tactics, you can have a safe and memorable experience!

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